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The New Money New Problems Gap Finder

The New Money New Problems Gap Finder was created to identify potential areas of opportunity - or areas of concern - in your financial life. 

The goal of this assessment is not to make specific financial recommendations; each person’s financial situation is unique, and a specific recommendation cannot be made without knowledge of all factors at play. The goal is to take your responses to foundational questions in key areas, and use our experience to present questions that lead you down the path of discovering gaps that might hamper your efforts to protect from financial harm, or to take advantage of wealth-building opportunities.

A high score in a category (6 or above) indicates there might be significant gaps we feel are best addressed under the advisement of a certified professional. A low score, however, does not ensure there are no gaps in this area of your planning. It means you have implemented some foundational elements that must be in place before more advanced topics can be addressed.

We encourage you to engage with trusted professionals who can assist you in your financial life, and we hope this assessment helps identify a few specific areas where your efforts can be focused.